Friday, June 7, 2013

The secret to clean your iron grated

You difficulty to clean the dirt on the little holes grated iron? Sometimes water alone is not enough to clean the rest of the ingredients of food stuck in the grated iron.

Follow these tips :
     Take the dry bread and grated iron grated it to you. The dirt will be carried over as well.
     To clean up the remnants of cheese grater attached to the iron, you can use a potato peel, grated it. Then wash and rinse thoroughly.
     In order for the stain-free grated coconut stick, use to coat plastic grater, then you can grate the coconut on top of the plastic layer. Undoubtedly this way, you coconut will be easier to clean.
     If grated iron rusts, take peeled cassava. Then grated it to the rusty grater. Let stand for 1 hour, then wash and basting with cooking oil.

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