Friday, June 7, 2013

Benefit avoid gaseous foods

Each person must have felt flatulence. Many think that the flatulence caused by colds or stomach ulcers. Though not necessarily, then what exactly is flatulence?

Causes of stomach bloating can vary, as can the gaseous foods that cause increased stomach acid so that it can interfere with digestion. If caused by certain diseases usually cause chronic flatulence.

Abdominal bloating or excess gas is a problem caused by the process of digestion is not right. Foods that can cause excess gas, such as vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce). These vegetables have the acidity tends to produce gas in the stomach. In addition, foods that contain high fiber, carbonated beverages, foods containing sorbitol and fructose.

As quoted from MSN, these foods can cause excess gas because the food is not broken down until it reaches the large intestine and is digested by bacteria. This process creates more gas than digestion occurring in the small intestine.

Gas is formed in the intestines due to the reaction of the bacteria which then protrudes from the anus. When the gas in the intestine was not issued meal will trigger flatulence. Usually people will try to eliminate the excess gas 10 to 15 in a day either by wind or belch waste.

It can help maintain the pressure in the intestinal tract to remain low. Besides keeping you from constipation, weight gain, diabetes and heart problems.

Caring iron skillet to keep it feasible to use

Iron pan is cookware that is still widely used today. Although many products have non-stick pans are made ​​of teflon, surviving iron skillet because it tends not sticky when used frying and has a more even heat.

With a treatment that looks easy, there are a few things you should consider for your own iron skillet remain durable and away from rust.
- When finished cooking use, wait until the pan is really cool if you want to wash it off with cold water. Never flush iron skillet is still hot with cold water that are not easily cracked.
- The rest of the soap can damage the iron skillet, so make sure you rinse skillet clean up after cleaning with soap.
- Pan should be dry when you store it.

If you are not sure that the pan is completely dry after you wipe it with a cloth, heat a frying pan on the stove for a moment to make sure the pan is completely dry.
- After being washed and dried, make sure you lubricate with a thin vegetable oil in an iron skillet you to avoid rust. Do not use oil because it will be rancid animal
- usually iron skillet does not have a heat-resistant handle, because it always wear gloves when using it to cook in order to avoid the heat of your hand.

The secret to clean your iron grated

You difficulty to clean the dirt on the little holes grated iron? Sometimes water alone is not enough to clean the rest of the ingredients of food stuck in the grated iron.

Follow these tips :
     Take the dry bread and grated iron grated it to you. The dirt will be carried over as well.
     To clean up the remnants of cheese grater attached to the iron, you can use a potato peel, grated it. Then wash and rinse thoroughly.
     In order for the stain-free grated coconut stick, use to coat plastic grater, then you can grate the coconut on top of the plastic layer. Undoubtedly this way, you coconut will be easier to clean.
     If grated iron rusts, take peeled cassava. Then grated it to the rusty grater. Let stand for 1 hour, then wash and basting with cooking oil.

Fresh Meat Saving Tips And Ripe

If dealing with beef, you can not keep it carelessly. One of which is high in protein and lots of storing blood in the meat fibers so it is very easy to foul.

Ideally hell, meat cooked immediately once you buy it from the market. However, for reasons of practicality, we love spending time together in one then keep it in the refrigerator. Including for the purposes of actual meat in the dishes you will be cooking in the next week, you've bought it long ago.

Speaking about the shopping system like this, you need to know how to keep the meat is good and right. Raw and cooked meat need different treatments you know!

For raw meat, if it will be stored up to two days ahead, place the meat in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator. If storing for longer periods, store meat in the freezer.

If you save is meat that has been cooked earlier, then cover the meat with plastic wrap, store in a sealed container and store in the coldest part of the refrigerator. If your refrigerator is not so cold, so you can lower the fridge temperature cold enough to store meat. Meat that has been cooked should not be placed in the freezer because it can change the texture and flavor.

How long to keep the meat?

Storage time between one and the other type of meat is different. However, the more we keep the meat too long, it will decrease the quality of the meat. Therefore, in order to remain durable and fresh meat, a good look at the review below:

1. Wrap the meat.

One can make the meat to keep the meat quickly rot. The solution, wrap the meat in a freezer bag or plastic bag with the special meeting. Make sure there is no air in the bag before putting them in the refrigerator.

2. Give the label on the wrapper.

Before being put into the refrigerator, label or write what kind of meat and when wrapped. Make sure the meat to be kept fresh. If the meat to be stored is not so fresh, the quality will be the same as the meat that is not frozen.

3. Bacon for breakfast.

Often cooked sausage and ham for breakfast because it is practical, and can be stored in the fridge long enough. The meat should not be stored for more than 2 months. And, do not forget to remove it from the freezer once a month or twice a month.

4. Meat for dinner.

Minced beef and turkey meat is usually cooked for dinner. The meat can last a bit longer about 4 months.

5. Meat to cakes.

The meat was cooked to moist cake, such as roast beef should be immediately processed. Try not to be stored more than 3 months. Because, the meat will not be felt again.

6. Uncooked meat.

Uncooked meat, certainly will last longer in the freezer. Period of 8 to 11 months is the longest time to keep raw meat. Although processed so any cuisine, texture, flavor, and nutritional food will be different if stored too long.

Always make sure that you remain fresh meat we cooked.

How to order your stove clean and durable

The majority of us had left the wick stoves and switching to a gas stove. Well, for gas stoves in our homes durable and long lasting it needs periodic maintenance. Here are tips on caring properly compost:

Routinely you must ensure that gas hoses away from hot surfaces, not on the outer surface of the bent position and not visible hose cracks that can allow leakage.

You should also regularly clean the stove hole where the fire exit. How to clean it with a needle can puncture holes or with a brush that dirt in the hole out. Because of the dirt that could cause a fire blue to red.

Wash the parts are coated enamel or chrome with warm soapy water or a non-abrasive detergent. Once dry completely before you can replace the enamel coating or chrome.

You should never start a fire if there is no means to cook on it, because it can cause gas smell of fire even if you leave in just 5 seconds.

If you run out of cooking in the kitchen, you have to get used to clean gas stove with a dry cloth. If there is old food stuck to the former can be cleaned with a damp soapy cloth. Once the stove is cleaned again with a dry cloth.

Keep cleaning a cutting board with vinegar

Cutting is a cutting tool that is often used for cooking. You know, if the cutting board is rarely cleaned after use will arise naturally bacteria and make the food you cook will be contaminated with germs. Cutting board that is used should be sterilized or cleaned in order to avoid germs. Here are some effective ways to keep your cutting boards clean and free of bacteria.

     Scrub the cutting board with hot water and soap, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Avoid soaking the wood cutting board in the water, because if the board absorbs water it will crack.
     Use white vinegar to kill germs on the chopping block by way of wiping. This method is a good way to avoid chemical cleaning fluids.
     Pour a mild bleach solution on the chopping block. Let stand for a few minutes then rinse and pat dry with paper towels. or you can use a vinegar solution.

To eliminate strong odors from cutting boards, trying to do it this way:

     Rub the cutting board with salt or baking soda. Let the salt or baking soda to absorb a few minutes, then rinse until clean cutting board.
     Sprinkle salt and fresh citrus fruit on a cutting board while buffed. Then wash cutting boards with soap and rinse thoroughly.
     Spray vinegar on the chopping block and then rinse thoroughly.

Vinegar can clean a coffee maker

Although many of the ingredients in the products sold in the market to clean a coffee maker that you have, but all that does not need to use. Enough with the natural ingredients in the kitchen, coffee maker can clean instantly.

For example, vinegar acid is able to get rid of lime scale and mineral buildup, and oil remaining coffee beans in the coffee maker. Here is how to clean a coffee maker:
     - Clean all external surfaces coffee maker with a wet sponge. (Before washing make sure the coffee machine is turned off or unplugged cable).
     - Fill the water reservoir coffee maker with water, pour little by little water and white vinegar into the reservoir is. Run the coffee maker until vinegar mixed with water in the filter, after it was cleaned.
     - Let the filter for one hour.
     - Pour vinegar into the coffee pot and then rinse thoroughly.
     - Run the coffee maker one or two times with vinegar, make sure that all the dirt is gone. If you clean the filter the first time, let stand for one hour with vinegar in the coffee pot.
     - Run the coffee maker with water until the smell of vinegar in the coffee pot is lost.
     - Wash the coffee pot and filter basket in the dishwasher. Or if none, wash with dish soap, rinse thoroughly.