Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sago Cheese Cake Recipe

For you fans of pastry recipe certainly familiar with this one cake recipe. This cake is usually white or brown with a shape like a figure eight or the letter S, pastry is made of sago. Was predictable? Yup this time will be presented sago cheese cake recipe for you. Sago cheese cake recipe is one variation results from sago cake recipe that already exists. With the addition of cheese in its processing was making this cake more delicious to eat.

Sago delights of this cheese cake recipe is unquestioned. Many people who love it and want to try to make it yourself. Smooth texture is easy to digest making sago cheese cake recipe is also favored by the children to the elderly. Let's find out how the process of making this cheese cake recipe sago.


     300gr flour sago (sago farmer)
     2 pandan leaves
     100 grams of margarine
     50gr butter (butter)
     Refined sugar 150gr
     1 egg yolk
     100gr Edam cheese, grated
     50ml coconut milk

How to Make:

     Roasted corn flour and pandan leaves over low heat until dried pandan leaves. Remove, let cool.
     Beat the margarine and butter until white and fluffy put sugar, beat well, add the egg yolks, beat well.
     Mix the corn starch and grated cheese, pour gradually into the butter mixture and stir well. Add coconut milk, mix again until blended.

     Put the mixture into a plastic triangle, love star syringes, spray it into the baking pan that has been buttered thin and sprinkled flour.
     Oven for lk. 40 minutes (remember the oven recognize respectively, the time and temperature required, always do a test).

The materials needed to make sago cheese cake recipe is very simple and the manufacturing process is also easy for you to practice at home. You can also be creative by adding additional share as a toping.

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